If you want to lose weight and eat a healthy diet, you should definitely include ginger in your diet plan. Find out what it’s all about here.

Ginger can work just as effectively as a complete change of diet

The favorite dress pinches at the waist? Then many people tend to eat very little. But that’s dangerous, experts warn. In addition, a radical renunciation brings only extremely rare success – usually sets itself after a short time a yo-yo effect. An uncomplicated, faster and at the same time effective way to lose weight is ginger cures. Its effectiveness has even been proven in a study: Researchers came to the conclusion that ginger can work just as effectively as a complete change of diet.


Slimming with ginger: the study on ginger in overweight

The 12-week ginger dose significantly lowered body weight, BMI, hip and waist measurements in obese women by up to 2.5 percent in obese women. The appetite even decreased by 22.5 percent. In women with genetic predisposition to obesity, these effects were more pronounced. No differences between the groups were found in the measurement of body composition, total energy intake, and macronutrients. These results were obtained in a study of 80 women aged 18-45 years. They were given ginger in tablet form (2g powdered ginger/day) or placebo.

Slimming with ginger: How does the tuber work?

The spicy substances in the ginger increase the operating temperature of the body and thus noticeably accelerate the metabolism. The digestion of fat in the intestine is promoted by Ginger: The spice stimulates the production of stomach acid, which other food can be quickly and easily digested. These processes ensure that more waste products can be eliminated from the body. Ginger also has a detoxifying effect.