Not always nice! You can train specific body parts and areas and of course, the right nutrition is of great importance.


Cardio training

Moving is important if you want to get and stay in shape. Doing good interval training a few times a week has a real effect. Especially because after your training you still get the ‘ afterburn effect ‘. After a good effort, you can burn another 200 calories extra when you rest or even go to sleep. Try to do cardio at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour.

Body posture

A good body posture is very important. Especially if you have a sedentary profession. With a few simple exercises, you can train your back and shoulders for stronger muscles. These exercises take less than five minutes! It is best to exchange exercise regularly for the best result.


Exercise 1

Lie on a mat and tighten your buttocks as if you want to hold a coin.
Stretch your arms and legs.
Lift your arms, shoulders, and legs off the floor and hold for 10 seconds. Lower everything and repeat the exercise as much as possible in one minute.

Exercise 2

Start on your stomach with your arms.
Keep your neck in line with your spine. Lift your feet, arms, and chest off the ground.
Begin to “swim” by lifting your arm and leg higher, moving back and forth and alternating with left and right.
Hold it for one minute, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat the exercise.


Good strength training and cardio have a positive effect but also yoga can depress back fat. This is because with yoga you make ‘deeper’ movements and also more often with the back. It helps strengthen your back muscles and relieve stress.

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We can not say it often enough: eat healthy and varied. Everything you eat has an effect on your body, and therefore on your fat. To burn more fat, there are plenty of tasty things to eat. Eat especially during the day. 3 healthy meals and plan 3 times for a healthy snack.

Right clothes

Okay, your fat may not go away with it, but you’ll feel better if you wear the right clothes. A bulge in your bra or above your jeans is not nice, but a good pair of jeans and the right bra can do a lot. For example, it helps to wear high waisted jeans and to choose a bra that is not too tight and has wide fires. Dressing well makes you happy! And you radiate that.